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So maybe this topic is not appropriate at the dinner table - but it is very important. Your digestive system is as important as your brain and heart and all other organs. We need it for our overall health and by keeping it clean and healthy can help aid weight loss.

Its purpose is to extract the good from the foods you eat and inject it into the rest of your body where it needs it while filtering out what your body does not use.

Just as you brush your teeth, wash your hands, and take a bath, you must also keep your digestive track clean.
Failure in keeping the digestive track clean and working properly means that you could very well experience diarrhea, constipation, or a slow digestion process. It may also have an effect on your metabolism.

Those are only a few, and yet minor, symptoms of a digestive track that is not taken care of. You can also become extremely sick by not having a healthy digestive system. I will list five ways to help keep your digestive system healthy:

1. Daily exercise helps improve digestion. Exercises that work your abdominal muscles help move the contents through your digestive system because of the contractions you would make with your muscles. The rate of metabolism also rises from general exercise. You will notice that your bowels will become more frequent if you exercise compared to not exercising at all.

2. Eliminating stress will help improve the flow of the digestive system. Stress breaks down the body and can cause inflammation, disease and other symptoms in the digestive system. Stress is also said to cause stomach ulcers.

3. Eliminating bad fats and red meat will allow your digestive system to act normally. Red meat and bad fatty foods are hard on the digestive track.

4. Take your recommended daily intake of fiber. Eating fiber rich foods will help keep your intestines clean enabling them to function properly. You should also notice that by eating fiber rich foods, you will feel lighter and healthier. By keeping your intestines clean, you will also notice a smaller waistline. Too much fiber will can also result in diarrhea. Good sources of fiber are: blackberries, acai berries, blueberries, red onions and apples. Whole grain cereals and breads are also a good source of fiber. You can mix fiber foods with other foods (like blueberries and cereal) or eat them by themselves. Bran cereal is another excellent source of fiber.

5. Chewing your food well before swallowing can help your system digest the food more easily. When you chew food, the saliva starts breaking down the food that you are chewing. The more you chew before swallowing means the less your digestive system will have to work at the end. Chewing food well will also help your intestines absorb the nutrients better.

An important point is that these are all habits and all habits can be acquired by anyone. Through habit comes skill and you must want to adopt them into your own lifestyle before they can be of benefit.

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<![CDATA[The Truth About Sexy Ripped Abs]]>Mon, 03 Mar 2014 18:39:26 GMThttp://www.russnagamori.com/home/the-truth-about-sexy-ripped-abs
Marketing in health and fitness is mainly done based on self-esteem. It’s easiest to notice this in almost any advertising in the health industry.

The fact of the matter is that anyone you've seen in a fitness commercial who are ripped with big or lean muscle have achieved it either by years of hard work, the use of steroids, or both. And not only that, but usually these ads promise you a “sexy stomach” in 30 days.

I’m sorry to burst the bubble – but it won’t happen.

To get ripped abs (ripped meaning well defined) you have to build the abdominal muscles and trim the fat around the stomach and it can take a while. It’s not impossible but it takes time and effort...
Instant fat loss like liposuction is bad for the body and doesn't solve the problem – it treats the symptom (just like all other forms of medication).

Not to mention it’s costly.

A person who gets the “fat loss” operation can very well add on the pounds again because they never changed the way they think and the way they eat. And the only reason why gastric bypass operations seem to work is because the person is then forced to change – this involves their thinking.

Another thing to think about is this: have you ever given it thought to what it would actually look like if a person achieved ripped abs in thirty days but the rest of their body still remained over weight and lacked muscle?

Think about it; ripped abs with chunky legs and arms and the loose skin that droops down because it previously expanded to the fat cells that consumed space in the body.

That would be a slight bit weird

Just by imagining it you can see how nuts that would look… on anyone! But, as I had said when starting this post – those companies work on self-esteem issues. They tell you about the ripped abs but fail to tell you the proper procedure to get you there.

The only thing that most of these ads say is, “buy this product” and don’t guarantee results. You may say, “But they have a 60 day guarantee on the ad!” The reply to that is: read the fine print.

Don’t get me wrong - there are a few programs out there that are legitimate and do work just fine.

I know because I've tested different programs myself to see what worked.

For the time being, stay away from any program or product that seems just too easy. I can guarantee you that there is no way for “getting-fit-quick” without damaging your body both short term and long term. You can definitely get the body you want but in due time and you absolutely must put in the effort.

Other kinds of weight loss products to be aware of are in form of gadgets. An example is an electronic belt that shocks your stomach muscles to flex them by force. This involves you buying the belt, putting it on, and sitting around while the belt does the work.

It doesn’t work.

There is one thing you CANNOT do as of right now, and that is: to hire someone or something to exercise for you.

You can hire someone to run your business.

You can hire someone to do your grocery shopping.

You can even hire a personal trainer to help motivate you and show you what exercises to do.

But the one thing remains is that you can’t hire someone to actually make a decision and follow through on it for you. You are the one to decide.

When you hire someone to run a business for you, they work based on how you want it to work.

If you hire someone to go grocery shopping, you can tell them what food to get but they can’t eat it for you.

If you hire a personal fitness trainer, they can’t do the exercises for you. It’s YOU that is responsible for the results of your own physical body.

Not “him” or “her” and not the dog – it is YOU.

Another two products to be aware of - you know those magical weight loss pills and colon cleansing products? 

The products are pretty well all backed by theory only and no physical evidence can support their claims. It’s a pity they work on the insecurities of people to make sales. Also, these pills and cleansing products are 99.9% dangerous to your health. Be careful!

Everyone has abdominal muscles and it requires effort on your part to shred the fat and reveal them!

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<![CDATA[Healthy Beliefs Inside a Healthy Body]]>Tue, 25 Feb 2014 18:32:59 GMThttp://www.russnagamori.com/home/healthy-beliefs-inside-a-healthy-body
Your beliefs play a vital role in health even if you know it or not. If you always think low of yourself - you won't get very far in your endeavors.

If you believe in your ability to get something done, then it's only a matter of time before you experience it. 

Paradigms are a collection of beliefs that is held by one person or a group of people.
Change your perception and transform an old belief into a new and you will believe something different – something that will be of benefit to you.

How does this affect your health?

Think about stress. Living a healthy lifestyle also means to be in control of how you deal with situations. The stress we experience is a result of the way we see things. We get feedback from our environment and if in any way we don’t agree with it or feel that it threatens our survival – we experience stress in the mind and anxiety in the body.

Take two people and place them in a grocery store.

Imagine they are both in a situation where someone steps on their foot.

One person will perceive them self as the victim and possibly get mad at the fellow who accidentally walked over their foot.

The other person may perceive the event as an accident and think nothing of it. In which case they just let it go.

One experiences a kind of pain while the other person doesn't. The events were the same for each but it was the persons perception that molded that event into something good, bad, or nothing at all!

That is perception.

That is belief.

Your beliefs will have an effect on what you do and what you experience - and that includes the health you are witness to.

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<![CDATA[Is rice Bad For Weight Loss?]]>Wed, 19 Feb 2014 22:13:00 GMThttp://www.russnagamori.com/home/is-rice-bad-for-weight-lossPicture
The short answer is no. Rice is a grain that like many others can come bleached, enriched, or whole. Some forms of rice are bad for weight loss and others are not. 

The amount you consume should also be considered even if you are planning to lose weight - here’s the scoop:

White bread that is bleached and enriched has had its nutrients stripped from it. Most of the nutrients are in the bran and germ of grain. White bread is made of processed wheat. During the processing the germ is taken out as well as the bran.

If you look at grain in a wheat field, you will notice it is not “white”. And after the grain is processed and the nutrients from the grain are removed, not much is left behind other than the starch (sugar).

Now since there is not enough nutrition in it to make the bread for example, a company may enrich the wheat by adding in vitamins.

Don’t be fooled by “whole wheat” as whole wheat bread usually consists of enriched or bleached flour. Whole grain is the way to go.

Rice works the same way.

You have white rice and brown rice. White rice has very little nutritional value as opposed to brown rice. White rice has been stripped of the germ and bran – the nutrients. While brown rice is whole.

It is easy to tell which rice is which. If it’s white then it has little to offer you. If it is brown then it has good nutrition for you. You should also notice that brown rice is more often found as a long grain instead of a short grain, but both are fine. Short grain is like the rice used to make sushi and wild rice is an example of long grain.  Instant rice that comes in prepackaged bags or boxes are usually not whole.

Portioning how much grain you eat is also important for weight loss. In my experience, if you want to drop weight as fast as your body will allow – eliminate grain products altogether for at least a month. Other than vitamins, grain products are a big source of carbohydrates and sugar. They are easy to consume in big quantities and you can gain weight fast. You can get the carbs, fibers, and sugars your body desires from fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts.

A good guideline for portion sizes is this: eat no more than one handful of brown rice no more than once a day.

Examples of brown rice are: wild rice, jasmine rice (brown), and basmati rice.

As long as we are eating the nutritional brown rice (whole) and eating it moderately instead of over consuming it, then it will be fine to include it into our diet and we can still lose weight. 

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From me to you: Here are the best 100 "easy to use" tips that can help guide you into that healthy body you crave.

This includes tips about exercising, dieting, lifestyle changing, and also includes tips for preparing and developing your mind so that you approach your goals with the Right Mental Attitude!

Please click the "Read More" link to view all one hundred of them... Enjoy!

Tip #1: Recurring weight loss requires lifestyle changes.

Diets are usually temporary while a change in lifestyle can be made permanent. This means to change the eating habits, exercise habits, sleeping habits, stress management habits, etc. for a person to develop long term results – that stick. There are no short cuts – there never have been. The only short cut ever discovered relies on your ability to learn and to experience.

Tip #2: Fat does not turn into muscle.

It’s a common myth that is not provable by science. Science in fact proves otherwise. Fat is stored energy. When the body burns all the energy you ate prior to exercising and the carbohydrates that were stored in your muscles, then it goes to the fat cells and withdraws the energy. The fat cells in this case shrink and size and the person loses weight. Muscles are made up of different cells. The energy in fat cells can help power the muscles but will never actually transform into muscle.

Tip #3: Diet fads don’t work.

Trends are great for corporations to make a big buck. On the flip side, trends are not that great for the average consumer. If it’s “trending” – I would highly recommend staying away from that diet approach. In most cases, when a company claims that it’s “backed by science”, it’s usually based on very little research – if any practical research at all. The old fashioned way always seems to be the best way.

Tip #4: There is no secret food.

If only there was a magical approach to everything where with just one snap of the fingers – our problems would be solved. Not one food will ever cure anything. The human body is so complex that the brightest scientists and geniuses don’t know everything about it. Not to mention that these same individuals are generally backed by big name corporations with millions of dollars’ worth of funding. Nothing beats a balance of natural and GOOD food.

Tip #5: Physical activity is a must.

It’s fun to be physically active! No one can expect to get by without it. Driving our bodies into motion is a must for an individual to lose weight and to be healthy. If food gives us energy and our body stores the “extra” energy in our fat cells – they have to used in some way. The only way to release big amounts of energy from fat cells is to be active.

Tip #6: The small stuff counts.

Always know that it’s the variety and quantity of the micro-actions that you take daily that will determine your overall results. It’s not just about the so called “time” it takes for you to get fit and healthy, but the habits you create in your new healthy life. A dollar bill today is worth nothing until we multiply it by a hundred or a thousand times. (Note: actually the worth is at around 15 cents for the cost of creating the bill).

Tip #7: Avoid GMO.

GMO products have not been studied enough to know what hazards await us when consumed. In short, a GMO is any food product that had its genes changed for a specific outcome. Examples are; to develop a natural insecticide, to taste sweeter/better, for fast growth, to grow bigger. There’s been a recent study that seems to show that GMO-fed pigs experience more stomach inflammation and birth deformities than pigs that are fed organic foods (according to an alleged article posted by The Huffington Post). No one knows the long term effects of altering the genetics in the foods we eat. The best solution – avoid it until it’s 100% proven safe.

Tip #8: Food doesn’t make you fat.

It’s the quality and quantity of food that will determine your waistline. If you have the habit of eating highly processed foods that are loaded with bad fats and preservatives and have little to no fiber and good nutrients– then you can only expect to be fat. It’s also about the portion sizes in which you can use a smaller plate to help control the amount you eat.

Tip #9: Repetition is the key.

If an unhealthy and overweight person did something extremely healthy once – it won’t matter. To get real and lasting results, we have to develop the appropriate habits. New habits are developed by the repetition of thought and action. It will be hard at first, but once you get going, the new habit will become automatic for you.

Tip #10: Fruits and vegetables are AWESOME.

I’d choose fruit over candy any time if that’s what the choice is. Candy and chocolate have very little (if at all) nutritional value. A variety of fruits on the other hand are loaded with goodness.  This is the same with vegetables. Technically it’s hard to actually over eat these foods in natural form. You could add in more of these natural foods to stop your hunger…

Tip #11: Throw “taste” out the window.

Anyone can make “great” tasting food. All one has to do is add sugar, salt, or fat… or all of the above. Humans like sugar because it gives them pleasure and satisfaction. We love salt because it amplifies the original taste. And fat because of texture and richness in flavor. On the bad side of things, lots of sugar leads to lots of energy stored. An inappropriate amount of salt will cause high blood pressure. Too much bad fat such as saturated and Trans fat will eventually bring us to heart attacks and strokes. The best tasting food is the food that this very earth provides for us.

Tip #12: The main source of energy is carbohydrates.

Your body utilizes carbs before calories. I personally don’t believe in low-carb approaches. Its best that we eat good carbs daily as opposed to the bad ones most people eat all of the time. Good carbs come from fruits and vegetables. Bad carbs come from processed foods – with a big source being grain products.

Tip #13: Your body loves sleep.

Although it is difficult for some to get a good amount of sleep, your body will appreciate you very much if you do! When you sleep, your body will repair and rejuvenate itself automatically. It also helps keep you consciously aware during the day. Sleep a minimum of seven to eight hours a day if possible.

Tip #14: Seek like-minded people.

When you set out to accomplish anything – always seek individuals that can help you realize your goal. You can find people who have the right knowledge that you need or people who will be there to support you. Two minds are better than one in most cases. The goal is to find people who are in alignment with what you want to accomplish and who are also willing to help you. Do remember that you should also give in return!

Tip #15: Set goals and visualize.

A person without a clear cut goal in mind doesn’t know where they are going. They tend to get in the way and be bumped around by others who know where they are going and are working towards their goal. Set a realistic goal and start immediately to move into action. Imagining the body that you want to experience being in is also a good idea. Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about having a mental image of his body and the different parts while building it.

Tip #16: Research and investigate.

When you hear about new information about health and well-being – take it with a grain of salt. Criticize it (in a positive way) and do your due diligence to find out what is true and what is false. It doesn’t matter where you hear it from or where you read about it. A celebrity will promote a new “scientific fact” that the sky is actually green – and many will believe it.

Tip #17: Calories out must be more than calories in.

If you eat 1500 calories daily, then to lose weight it would be required of you to burn off MORE than 1500 calories in a single day. The opposite formula will have you gaining weight. Unfortunately, the only way to find out how many calories you consume is by reading labels and counting them. You can however set in place a lifestyle change that allows you to eat as much as you want and to receive fewer calories. This would also eliminate the need to count calories.

Tip #18: Read books and listen to audio.

There is so much information available today! We should be taking advantage of this huge opportunity by reading good books and/or listening to educational audio. We tend to think we know enough after leaving school. That’s a big lesson to be learned as it’s obviously not the case at all. Biology for example is updated on a yearly and even monthly basis. What you may have learned 5+ years ago in school may not be relevant today. Keep on learning about the physical and mental YOU.


There are so many times when we set out to achieve something but fail to actually follow through with a detailed plan. In a lot of cases, we actually already know what to do – but we just don’t do it! To snap out of mental inertia we should will ourselves into some task that will bring us closer to the accomplishment. It is then a matter of doing and not thinking.

Tip #20: Eliminate all processed sugar.

Junk food which can also be known as comfort food (on occasion) is always loaded with more energy than the body should accept. This includes, but is not limited to; candy, chocolate, baked goods, desserts and food supplements. Low-fat foods can have a high fructose level because the fat (the stuff that gives it taste) is stripped away. Candy, chocolate and baked goods have a huge amount of calories in bite size pieces. It’s really easy to gain weight when eating these daily.

Tip #21: Focus on health and not weight loss.

If your main mental focus is on health in general – you will lose weight automatically. Focusing on weight loss alone may create doubtfulness in an individual. To be always thinking about health means to be in the habit of being health conscious. Focus on health and you will find the opportunities needed to melt your belly fat.

Tip #22: Eat bad fat and get fat.

Fat from any food can transfer to the accumulation of fat in any one. Bad fats are saturated and Trans fats. Good fats are “omega” oils found in fish and other food. Good fats also come from natural sources like vegetables and some fruit, like avocados. Eat good fat – it’s good for you!

Tip #23: Ignore ignorant people.

Ignorance is never bliss. Any family member, friend, acquaintance, etc. who is negative should be avoided at all costs. If not, the cost for you can be massive. Some people get envious and jealous of others who are doing great for themselves and others. The green eyed monster loves to bring down successful and tenacious people when it feels inadequate. When you are striving towards your health goal – steer away from ignorant individuals.

Tip #24: Throw out the junk.

The best way to avoid eating bad foods is to not have them around the house (or apartment), period. If you have any chips (all kinds including the low-cal or multi-grain), soft drinks, and candy – throw it out. The empty space left behind in the pantry can be filled with something good that will greatly benefit your body.

Tip #25: Seek help from those who know.

Well, you have read this far. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Seek out the needed information from the people who already know the path you are currently or about to take. A little knowledge before starting can get you started on the right path. During the journey, continue to find more knowledge from experienced people.

Tip #26: Always challenge yourself.

Never stop climbing greater heights. Always climb to the next peak – the one that is ten times higher than the previous. Not only will you accomplish more but you will also develop. Do this by setting higher goals once you have achieved the ones you initially set out to get.

Tip #27: Consume healthy information.

My blog, articles, and other content I create is based on over 10 years of experience and study. This information will work for you if you apply what it teaches. This is the healthy kind of information that I’m talking about. Read it daily and experiment a little bit. I’m not the only one with healthy knowledge and good practical advice. There are others out there as well. All you have to do is search!

Tip #28: Practice meditation or quiet time.

Take time for yourself – you’ve earned it! Meditation or just plain old quiet time or a minimum of ten minutes a day can help lower stress levels and keep a clear mind. As I have said in the past: stress will cause you to gain weight or not lose any fat at all. Simple meditation is just sitting down or laying on a couch or bed and keeping calm. Just focus on your breathing and let go. It’s nothing magical or spiritual as every can and should do it.

Tip #29: Apply the knowledge in the quick guide I provide.

Knowledge alone is not power. Power comes from the directed use of the knowledge gained. The power to change means putting what you learn into action. The guide available is a prime example of that. Follow it and the doors will open!

Tip #30: Stop searching for a quick fix.

There is no legitimate get-fit-quick program or supplement out there. Losing weight over time will happen through the effort and time you put into losing it.

Tip #31: Start a progress journal.

At the end of the day, write down (or type) what you ate and what physical activity you engaged in. You can also add in your daily or weekly weight. This will help you keep track of your daily actions. You can use this journal to see what you have done and what results you reaped.

Tip #32: Always look for healthy opportunities.

Remember I said that the small stuff counts. Always look for opportunities, even small, that will benefit your overall health and well-being. The more you look for these opportunities – the more they will pop up and find you.

Tip #33: Practice stress release methods.

If mental stress leads to physical stress then it’s best to eliminate it at the source. Engage in stress release methods such as meditation, possible anger management, those provided by a psychologist, or even an approach given by some spiritual teacher. Whatever it is that you choose, make sure it’s safe and does not require drugs and medication – you can be happy without it.

Tip #34: Strengthen your will.

It’s not all about will power but if you lack the will to direct your efforts to lose weight, you will fail. You strengthen any mental faculty the same way you would strengthen a muscle – by using it. Through the repetition of use, your will become stronger. This will help you avoid what does not help you and to practice what WILL help you.

Tip #35: Get into the right career.

I don’t many people today are in a career or business they actually enjoy. The main reason why someone works a “job” is for money. They need to pay bills, pay debt, or have the need for it to spend. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean the person will be happy. Happiness is definitely a part of being healthy. If you’re in a career or job that makes you miserable every day – get out of it. There are so many options available to you and it does not matter what age you are. The earlier you make the change - the better. (Note: do what you think is best for you. It may be best to find another position elsewhere before quitting your present job.)

Tip #36: Become health conscious.

Being consciously healthy is to be consciously aware of the foods you eat, the activity you do, and your overall behavior. Surprisingly enough, a lot of people do not seem conscious at all.

Tip #37: Eat a huge salad daily.

Have at least one huge salad daily. Make the salad out of a variety of plants. You can follow with a fruitful dessert afterwards. There are many kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vegetables to choose from. A plus side to a salad is that it doesn’t take long to prepare.

Tip #38: Eliminate any bad habit that prevents you from losing weight.

If you smoke so much that it’s hard for you to breathe – quit. If you have the habit of stressing out about being late at work all the time – then wake up earlier so you will be on time! Your body is a responsibility that is only available to you and you alone.

Tip #39: Cook at home.

Get into the habit of cooking at home to eliminate the costs of eating out and so that you can choose what exactly goes into your belly. At restaurants you are limited to the kinds of foods you can eat and you never know the quality of food as well. Save some dough and cook at home for a healthier life.

Tip #40: Choose a Wise doctor.

Just because they have a piece of paper showing they went to medical school does not mean they are good at what they do. Find a doctor who knows more about nutrition than medication. If a doctor is fast to suggest a medication like a vitamin supplement, ask them of an alternative route such as a food source. You have every right to neglect a medical “professional” and the information they give.

Tip #41: Don’t listen to opinions.

Others have a flock of opinions and always give freely of them. These people are the ones to ignore as they probably know very little. It’s entirely up to you if you choose to accept the opinions of others but never take them seriously.

Tip #42: Have a mixed routine.

The best exercise routine mix is one with both cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Cardio to keep your body in motion and burn calories and muscular exercises to deplete the carbs stored in the muscles so that the body can use the fat storage as energy. The best approach is to do strength training first and then follow it with a good walk.

Tip #43: Keep your stomach full!

Fasting will tell your body that food is scarce. Your body will then react by storing more energy than before from the same foods (and any others) you ate prior to fasting. Yes, this means that fasting can actually make you fatter than before. I recently observed a person who did this and that is what exactly happened. Some, however, fast for spiritual reasons. If this is the case for you, you should definitely do it under supervision is you have not tried fasting before.

Tip #44: Use water in cooking.

You can actually disregard all oils (which are all fat) and use water to do your cooking. All oils including coconut oil and oils from vegetables are all concentrated fat. It’s more beneficial to eat the whole fruit or vegetable where the oil is extracted from.

Tip #45: Eat if you are hungry.

Don’t worry about skipping meals or snacks if you’re hungry! If you are already eating good healthy food like vegetables, you can eat as much as you want. Never starve the body as it will not serve you. Our body always tells us when it needs more energy. Do, however, recognize true hunger from your body detoxing itself from junk food.

Tip #46: Take a brisk walk daily.

When you walk, walk as if you’re on a mission. Put everything you’ve got into it. Plug into some tunes that motivate you and walk, walk, walk. Keep it to a minimum of forty five minutes to an hour daily. Don’t worry about taking “off-days” in-between if you are just brisk walking.

Tip #47: Study your body on a regular basis.

The mirror is your best friend and not your worst enemy. Check your body daily to see if anything has changed or what you need to focus on. A mirror is a perfect tool to give you feedback about how your body is doing on the outside.

Tip #48: Don’t drink soft drinks.

Soft drinks are the leading product that aids obesity. Pop also has aspartame in it. Aspartame, if you did not know, is a hazardous chemical. It has over 100 different side effects and is said to be a preservative. Side effects are everything from headaches and migraines to obesity and diabetes. I’d highly recommend throwing it out if you have some lying around at home. I also suggest that you do some research into these liquid sugar products and find out how there are no benefits to drinking them.

Tip #49: Eat a variety of different colors.

Eat a lot of reds, greens, purples, blues, oranges, yellows, etc. If your diet consists of the many different colors of mother nature, you can be sure that the variety of fruits and vegetables you are eating will help keep you healthy and aid weight loss.

Tip #50: Use smaller plates.

This can be your starting point in controlling portion sizes if need be. It`s a fairly well-known fact now that by using smaller palters at mealtimes will allow you to eat less. Also be sure to wait 20 minutes after eating your first meal before going for a second. This will allow your stomach to let the food settle. Another idea you can use is to eat and apple or some fruit with water before eating a meal.

Tip #51: Practice yoga.

Surprisingly enough, when I first tried a full yoga routine – I was amazed. It looks much simpler than it actually is. I felt beat after even though I was fit prior to starting the routine. This is a great exercise the mixes cardio and strength all in one. It also improves the flexibility of one’s body. If you feel you are very out of shape then I would not recommend this as a beginner’s way to lose weight.

Tip #52: Eat a lot of fiber.

Fiber helps improve the flow and absorption via the intestines. It can also prevent hemorrhoids. Good sources of fiber are fruits and vegetables. (Hmm… are you starting to see a trend of what natural foods can do for you?)

Tip #53: Avoid big amounts of salt.

Big amounts of salt will raise the blood pressure in any human body. This means that it produces extra undesired stress in the physical part of us. Don’t go low-salt but just eat less.

Tip #54: Don’t go “trending”.

There is always something “new” out there that can improve your lifestyle. Instead of trending with everyone else, go to the book store and find simple books on healthy foods, recipes, and exercises. Books with pictures are great and you don’t have to pay a lot either.

Tip #55: Eat more plant based protein.

Protein can help fill up the stomach and you can get it from plants. The difference between plant protein and animal protein is the source. Animal protein lacks nutrients and fiber while plant protein has a variety of both. Good examples are; nuts, greens, seeds, and beans.

Tip #56: Eat before going out.

If you have a habit of always eating out when leaving the house, have a meal before you leave. You will keep full for longer and you can even pack yourself a nice snack as well.

Tip #57: Disconnect the television.

Since the rise of smartphones and tablets – do we really need cable tv? The answer is: not at all. Cut the service and spend your time in a more wise activity that will develop both your mind and body to the way you want it. It’s easier done than said.

Tip #58: Don’t drink alcohol.

Alcohol is always full of calories. If you want to lose weight as fast as possible – avoid drinking these beverages. That includes wines and other spirits. Your body will thank you.

Tip #59: Experiment with cultural food.

All around the world there are different kinds of foods with different amounts of the same nutrients. Instead of resorting to salt, sugar, and fat to make a difference, look towards foods from different countries like the United Kingdom and Asian cuisine.

Tip #60: Be realistic.

Aim for the stars and you may just hit the moon. Have high goals but don’t expect to achieve hem overnight. Be realistic with your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. Have at least one major goal to keep as your main focus and use the smaller goals as your stepping stones to get there. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

Tip #61: Keep Positive.

Positive thinking won’t cure the world’s biggest problems but it can very well be a start for personal problems. This way of thinking can help keep you motivated as well as encourage you to do more.

Tip #62: Read Nutrition Labels.

Nutrition labels consist of the vitamins and nutrients, the amount of each vitamin and nutrient, as well as the daily percentage for each. You should also notice an ingredient list along with the nutrition label so that you know what is used for the food product in making it.

Tip #63: Drink water when thirsty.

Nothing quenches thirst better than water. It’s the essence of life and we and the planet cannot live without it. You can also drink water before or after a meal to help pull back hunger.

Tip #64: Take this 24 hour diet pill.

So I came across this awesome pill and I’ve shown proven results in 24 hours. This pill is so natural and should be least expected to have the following (clinically and scientifically proven) ingredients: have you actually been learning from this? I was kidding about a 24 hour diet pill as there is no such thing. Remember to keep your head in the right direction!

Tip #65: Plan your meals.

Planning your breakfast lunch and dinner could save you time. It can also help you be more creative in what you decide to eat. Keep your meals simple – after all – the only need we have is to eat to maintain our health.

Tip #66: Listen to music while exercising.

Find inspirational music to listen to while you exercise. You can also listen to educational audio files and learn something while you put your body on autopilot.

Tip #67: Have no cheat days.

For the six months to a year, do your best to avoid “cheat days”. The reason is simple: if you accept and create a cheat day, you will be less likely to resist temptation the next day. Habits are easier to develop when you don’t resort to the old ways of doing things.

Tip #68: Learn new recipes.

Sometimes we need a change in meals. It’s easy to learn new recipes and try them for a change. Have a backup just in case the new recipe goes wrong!

Tip #69: Ramp up your routine.

If you’re doing say 10 push ups and a half hour of brisk walking, raise it by 20 percent each week. The more your increase the difficulty of your routine, the more time you will cut down in the process. Yes, that means faster results.

Tip #70: Avoid all dairy and red meat.

Red meat such as beef and pork are low in vitamins, nutrients and fiber. Dairy is also not necessary. If you are in need of calcium – you can get lots from greens. If you require vitamin D, then the sun’s rays naturally provide it. We do not need much lactose as adults and we can live without milk.

Tip #71: Increase your monthly earnings.

This may seem a bit odd for weight loss but earning more could lower stress (mentally and financially) while relieving additional stress from the body. The easiest way to increase earnings is to provide more service to more people on a commission basis.

Tip #72: Pick up a hobby.

A hobby can help you relax and enjoy a portion of the time you have each day. It can be reading books, playing games, watching a movie, building model cars (I don’t know who still does that these days), and just about anything you will enjoy doing.

Tip #73: Don’t limit carbohydrates.

Your body needs these for its every movement. Instead, keep an eye on the amount of carbs you eat and the quality or the carbs by understanding the source they are coming from. To lose weight and be healthy – you need carbohydrates!

Tip #74: Listen to motivational speakers.

Getting back into shape can be a tough time for some. If so, listen to a motivational speaker who shares inspirational stories about how they conquered. Maybe they will inspire an idea that there is never really a problem or mistake but just a lesson to be learned.

Tip #75: Park farther away from the store.

This is one of those little things that you can do to in your daily life that can help you tremendously. When going to the grocery store, mall, or any other place, park at the back of the parking lot and walk the further distance to the place. This could be a small trick that helps you burn more than you consumed that very day.

Tip #76: Read for inspiration.

Biographies are sometimes inspirational. You can find them online and offline. Take a look at various authors, actors, actresses, and other performers or business people. You will be amazed at what some people had to go through in life and yet they they remain at the top of their industries today.

Tip #77: Go get a massage.

A massage can relax you and give you that time of peace you may have been wanting. Maybe a friend or someone else you know can help you. There are also affordable massage parlors everywhere.

Tip #78: Travel for weight loss.

So a question pops into your mind: “how can I travel and lose weight?!” Traveling is nice for the reason that we are usually more physically active when traveling than at home. We also tend to be automatically motivated while doing so. If you ever had to walk through the Hong Kong airport to reach your next flight, then you know it’s a long walk from getting off the plane to the waiting area. Not only that but the country or place you visit should keep you on the move since traveling only gives you a limited time to check everything out!

Tip #79: Take dancing lessons.

If you’re not into traditional exercise, yoga, or cardio routines, you have other options as well. Dancing is one option where you can probably get a good work out. People who dance professionally are always in motion and move their bodies in different ways.

Tip #80: Only eat during the day.

Your metabolism never shuts off – even at night. When you lay down to rest, your metabolism slows down. Avoid eating late at night as it may keep you up at night. Always eat during the day and have all three meals plus more if you are hungry.

Tip #81: Take your dog for a walk.

If you own a dog, here is another way to get out and exercise. With a well-trained dog, you can walk, jog and even run. Chances are that the dog will be able to run faster than you… making it a perfect competitive partner!

Tip #82: Support others.

Take time to help others achieve their weight loss goals along the way. You reap what you sow, of course. It may also give you a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you made a difference in someone else’s life.

Tip #83: Always do one more Repetition.

Always fit in one more minute, one more push up, one more yoga pose. It’s like I said before: repetition is THE key. It may be difficult and tiring but just fit in that one extra repetition (more if you think you can do it) and not only will it help boost your progress but your self-esteem as well.

Tip #84: Make things fun.

Everything in life should fun. Well, most things anyways. When you get up in the morning, it’s always great to look forward to what you will do that day. Keep your daily diet and fitness progress in mind and always think of how you can build on that progress.

Tip #85: Do yard work every other day.

Or you can also do this every day. If you don’t have your own house, you could also ask random people who do have a house to help them with their yard work. This can be an opportunity to make some extra cash on the side by charging a small fee to cut grass, remove snow, clean the gutters, etc.

Tip #86: Clean the house/apartment every day.

This is actually a rather simple task but can be very effective. If you did this every single day – it may be the only extra daily physical activity you need. Did you know that sweeping, vacuuming, washing walls, and dusting, are awesome for getting active? The best part is you won’t even have to leave the house!

Tip #87: Do a good deed for someone else.

This tip is more to alleviate stress and practice good will. Could you think of something to do for a family member, friend, acquaintance, stranger? Doing a good deed for others helps an individual do good for themselves in return. Never think of making a “sacrifice” but to give something of value in return for nothing.

Tip #88: Wear appropriate clothing.

Brisk walking requires well fit running shoes for comfort and loose clothing for the best possible blood circulation. Sweats or pants that are similar in style work best. Jeans are not so great for any exercise.

Tip #89: Stay away from “weight loss foods”.

Anything that is considered low-fat, low-carb, low-this, low-that, are not the best food for most. They could pose a threat to an individual’s health. Take low-salt chips for example. They are low in salt but still high in fat. A frozen meal that is low in fat probably has fructose in it to compensate for the lack of taste due to the removal of the fat.

Tip #90: Learn more about the human body.

You don’t have to go back to school to learn about the physical part of you. You can absorb the knowledge from books, audio files, and videos about human physiology, biology, and genetics. Not many people actually know their bodies and how they work. Once you know what makes your body tick – the less dependent you become on the knowledge of others when your body lacks health.

Tip #91: Learn more about the mind and develop it.

The brain and nervous system is like a computer in which it is responsible for the operation and progression of your body. There is, however, the mind as well which is absolutely different than the brain. The mind is mental activity where the brain is a physical counter part of the mind. Develop your mental faculties by reading, listening and observing. Get to know YOU as much as possible. You will then truly know WHO and WHAT you are.

Tip #92: Eat consciously.

A goal for losing weight is not as effective as a goal to be health conscious. And to be health conscious is much easier to accomplish while, at the same time, your body shapes itself accordingly to the new mental attitude. To be health conscious means to always be aware of what you are eating, what level of physical activity you do daily, and to always conscious of the opportunities that surround you.

Tip #93: Have a plan and adjust along the way.

Have a detailed plan that outlines the food you will eat daily, the exercise routines you will follow, your method in stress elimination and approach to how you will get the appropriate amount of sleep. If you have no idea of what your daily tasks will be to get back into shape – it’s useless moving forward. The “unorganized” approach will most times lead to failure.

Tip #94: Prevent emotional eating.

Emotional eating is a factor that makes people fat. They have problems and then resort to eating food filled with sugar while unconsciously thinking that it will make them feel better. Sugar may make someone feel happier – temporarily – but when reality kicks in, the initial problem still exists. Some experiences that can trigger emotional eating are; a bad relationship, being stuck in a job you don’t like, dealing with stupid people, being overweight. Solutions: end all negative relationships, get into the job/career you want, ignore the ignorant people, get healthy by taking daily steps.

Tip #95: Stop chocolate munching.

Chocolate is supposedly good when in the form of dark chocolate. This little brown devil, however, packs a high amount of calories in the smallest of pieces. Thus, it is very easy to eat this sweet treat and put you over your daily caloric limit. This, my friend, is also known as “gaining weight”. Have chocolate occasionally but not on a residual basis.

Tip #96: Not too much and not too little.

But just enough! Everything needs a balance of a sort. This goes for absolutely everything. Think of it – the world needs a North and South Pole, humans need both male and female, and a nice fat bank account needs to flow into and out of. Take away the south half of the world and it would not orbit the way it does. Take away females from planet earth and humanity dies. Spend more than you earn and you will be broke – if not poor. Eat moderately. Exercise moderately. Keep a balance.

Tip #97: Eat fruits.

Feel like something sweet? If so, force yourself to eat fruit. Instead of candy and junk food you can chomp a few apples or oranges or any other fruit. Fruit has a lot of fiber and is great for getting good nutrition. Other junk food on the other hand does not have good nutrition. This will help you eat in the right direction.

Tip #98: Avoid high fructose content.

Fructose is also known as the fruit sugar. Fructose also comes from sugar cane - as sugar cane is a plant. A mixture of fructose and glucose can be made into; high fructose corn syrup. Other names for thios chemical are: high fructose maize syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, or just plain fructose/glucose. The reason to avoid this processed sugar is that it appears to hide a person’s hunger – meaning that they can eat when already full. You can eat the “whole” source of fructose but not just fructose as an ingredient - as the body tends to metabolize fructose differently.

Tip #99: Don’t take a day off.

Days off are for sissies. Take a day off from physical activity or have a cheat day and soon you will find yourself in the old behavioral pattern that made you fat. Don’t worry! There are many things you can do EVERY DAY that will only be of benefit to you. (I have listed these methods in the above tips.)

Tip #100: Believe in YOU.

The number one thing you have to do is to believe in yourself. If you lack the confidence and right mental attitude needed to get a better body, all hope is lost. Make a decision – right now – to believe in your ability to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Now decide immediately to get into action to prove to yourself that you can do what you set out to do. This is the most important tip of all weight loss, dieting and fitness tips.

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<![CDATA[Burning Fat in 2014: What Works and What Doesn't]]>Thu, 09 Jan 2014 00:40:57 GMThttp://www.russnagamori.com/home/burning-fat-in-2014-what-works-and-what-doesntHow to get fit in 2014
Many people in the health in fitness industry are coming up with hundreds of different ways to change diets and exercise routines and there are just too many to choose from.

he question still remains: 

Which program works and which one doesn’t?

I can tell you right now that the fundamentals of the human body have not changed in the past one hundred years, if not 5000(or more) years, and that there is no need for new and more complex diet and exercise programs.

What changes from time to time is our discovery of how the human body operates and all discoveries always exist prior to the observation – we just never noticed them before.

The old fashioned way of keeping a fit body are still valid today as they have been in the past.

I will keep this simple for your benefit.

I want to help you create a health consciousness to lose weight and to be healthy.

That is the key.

In order to do so, read with an open mind.

Read it for what it is and then form your ideas.
the six natural habits for effective weight loss
There are six principals altogether.

(Note: If you have not yet done so, you can sign up for a free quick guide to get you going. Click Here - It's Free!

Let’s call them the “The Big 6.”

The Big 6 will be found in the life of every fit AND healthy being.

In this case we will use them for fat loss but they can also be used for overall health and a fit body.

The Big 6 are as follows:

1. The Right Mental Attitude (habitual thinking)

2. The Habit of Healthy Eating

3. The Habit of Daily Exercise

4. The Habit of Sleep and Relaxation

5. The Habit of Elimination

6. The habit of Cleansing
(keeping clean inside and out)

There is one common response between all men and women who apply these principals; they are healthy, strong in both mind and body and have good (healthy) looking bodies.

From the obese man who lost weight and now maintains his new health - to the body builder who has sculpted his or her body to a specific physique.
Human behavior: Plato Quote, greek philosopher
A while back, a friend of mine wanted to lose weight and build some muscle.

It was obvious that he was definitely over weight and out of shape.

I introduced him to a few natural exercises that he could do to help him lose weight, gain strength and set himself up for getting fit.

Exercise was a must for him because his job involved no physical labor.

I also mentioned to him that if he lay off the sugar, the bad carbs, and other junk food - he would achieve his goal much faster.

Every so often we would go for a walk together and catch up on his progress.

He was starting to feel better about himself (mentally) and over time his small gains (physically) were becoming very noticeable.

A time later we met again for coffee.

He asked me what exercise program I would recommend to speed up the results.

He also questioned me about what protein powder he should buy.

I suggested that he avoids taking any additional protein until he lost the weight that he wanted to lose. He ended up purchasing and adding in protein shakes to his diet. He also thought that drinking energy drinks would give him his “daily boost” to get his exercises done.

(Take note: he chose to drink shakes and energy drinks which was fine – that is what he wanted to do. However, you can only imagine how that was probably his unconscious mind that was emotionally making the choices for him.)

The results were not surprising.

Months passed and it was really obvious that he had lost some weight but he got to a point where he stopped losing the fat and never gained much more muscle - even though he started a more intense exercise routine.

He plateaued.

The fact is this; if he would have steered away from drinking protein shakes and energy drinks while working towards losing weight while continuing the same exercise routine and eating good foods, he would have burned the fat off his stomach much faster.

Energy drinks can help make you fat.

Energy drinks are loaded with bad carbs, sugars and are high in calories.

The reason why his progress came to a halt is because he was not burning off any extra energy.

Needless to say...

he did not meet his goal yet he still continued what he was doing.

One thing I noticed is that his attitude about protein shakes and energy drinks was very much like many others. His thinking was what “most people think.”

He had low self-esteem to begin with and at the same time, it was as if he thought he should drink more protein and chemicals (energy drinks) because “it’s the thing to do.”

Quick Tip:
Just because athletes and celebrities endorse a product, or that you see someone else do something that may look good, doesn’t mean it’s good for you or will help you.

So experiment a little bit.

Find out what works and keep doing it.

Whatever you find is not working -discontinue the method or approach.


We all choose for ourselves if we are conscious of the fact or not. It takes raw experience to learn what works and what doesn’t work and the ability to adjust oneself along the way. In many ways we just need a bit of help to get going in the right direction and some guidance along the way.

Also we must look beyond to what a corporation or celebrities endorse and get the facts – responsibility takes work.

Real education means to experience.

And to acquire the right exerience means to find what works and do it.

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